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Acxiom is a technology and services company that provides the data foundation for the world's best marketers. We enable people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI. A leader in identity and the ethical use of data for more than 45 years, Acxiom helps thousands of clients and partners around the globe work together to create a world where all marketing is relevant.

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Average rating: 3.75
People Are Excellent but upper management act like children
Status: Previously employed
Overall not a bad company to work for but their future is vrey uncertain as a company. The middle management keep the place running and operational but the upper management is childish if they don't get what they want right then. Pay is ok but could be much better considering the amount of work that they expect to get done. Overall, its a good place to get experience but don't stay too long.
Work environment good
Heath care Insurance is expensive and basic and long work hours are expected
Posted on: July 28, 2022
It was a great job until I got let go for finance reasons
Status: Previously employed
Was there many years and it's hard to describe, we went thru many changes in managwmt, the company was sold in 2018, and finance stream changed dramatically. At one point the had to make some major reductions, and I was part of that along with a couple other old timers. If they offered me my position back, I'd take it in a heartbeat, as the team I was in was awesome.
Posted on: July 28, 2022
Very productive workplace
Status: Previously employed
Started my adventure at Acxiom after studies. Honestly, this is a great place to start and develop your career and the people are friendly and supportive.
Posted on: July 28, 2022
Continued opportunity for growth and flexible environment
Status: Employed
As with most jobs overtime comes and goes, raises may not always happen due to the economy, etc, but the flexibility allowed by the company makes all of this definitely worth it. As long as I get my job done and, of course, not leave my team hanging, I can work around special kid activities so I don't have to miss any of my families special moments.There are always opportunities to train and ways to grow your career to the level you want it to go.
Posted on: July 28, 2022

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