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Arctic Leaf is the product of Arctic Empire and NewLeaf. The two companies merged after a long history of working alongside one another, bringing together experience and specialties from different fields under a single name. With this merger, we’re posed to take on larger projects and involved applications more than ever before.

It was in 2015 that both companies began working with one another through a mutual client that proposed a proprietary crowdfunding platform. Arctic would handle the backend and NewLeaf would polish up the UX design and push out marketing efforts. This trial by fire forged a strong synergy between the companies and by September of 2017, the Founders of each company were sitting down at a restaurant in Ottawa near Arctic and the talks of a merger came up. After nearly two years of closely supporting one another, it was a natural decision and would help cement the relationship and maximize efficiency and the suite of services both companies could offer. From these discussions the primary mission behind Arctic Leaf was born; to provide CRO and UX focused design and development services for custom web applications and e-commerce stores.

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