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Everything we know about the automotive industry is changing. As we rapidly move into a future of fully autonomous vehicles and transportation as a service, there’s an overwhelming amount of data at every turn.

While these consumer-centric innovations are exciting, they are also fraught with unprecedented risk for the makers and fixers of the auto industry. After 100 years, many auto manufacturers, insurers, repair shops and part suppliers are concerned that their business models will no longer work in a multi-modal world.

With CCC, they have the confidence to power forward.

We’ve built the largest industry network atop 30 years of data and infused it with AI technology to power the next-generation apps, data-based dashboards and real-time telematics that connect the consumer, the car and the carrier.

With CCC:

# OEMs act on performance and usage data to improve driver safety, accelerate sales and open new revenue streams.

# Insurers accurately price premiums through telematics data, enhance the experience of the mobile consumer and efficiently process claims with AI.

# Collision repair shops gain the insights they need to confidently fix increasingly complex vehicles and better serve the customers who depend on them.

# Part suppliers quickly sell inventory while developing trusted, long-term relationships with buyers.

CCC interconnects these industry pillars through a powerful network of shared workflows, data insights and collaborative offerings that empower them to lead, shape and support the future of transportation. Now, every member of the CCC network is empowered to manage growing complexity, meet more demanding customer expectations and grow their businesses.

With our technology and their experience, we can be sure that when unexpected events occur, balance will be restored.

That’s how we’re powering mobility forward. Enjoy the ride.

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Alits of fun doing nothing. Getting paid the money. What a nice place. It smelled all day and you needed to walk out in park central you need to focus everyday on this job. Focus on the issues of trash.
Free lunches
No drinks
Posted on: July 30, 2022
Great place
Status: Previously employed
It was a fun side job for a while. I was able to help people who needed help while also getting paid. I wish it last longer because for once I was enjoying my job. Unfortunately the only problem would be how organized it was.
Posted on: July 30, 2022
Status: Employed
Great place to work. Good to work from home. Extensive continued training. Lots of bonuses and ways to make more money. If you listen and follow directions this job is a breeze.
Posted on: July 30, 2022

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