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We are on a mission to transform our country’s healthcare system. This mission drives us, and it adds meaning to what we do each day. Our passion for serving public health programs, and for engaging consumers more directly with the healthcare system, runs deep. Passion for what we do. Pride in how we do it. At Cognosante we are all VIPS. We create value at every opportunity. We develop innovative ideas and solutions. We perform at our best and deliver results. We share achieved results and recognitions. Cognosante was founded to address a critical gap in the health information technology (IT) market—the need for a smart, nimble company, unencumbered by legacy systems and unafraid to challenge accepted wisdom. Experience grounds us; innovation drives us. For more than 30 years, we have worked to find progressive solutions to complex problems. We help state Medicaid agencies navigate healthcare reform. We provide community-based assistance to Americans as they enroll in healthcare coverage. We dream of, design, and develop IT solutions meant to disrupt the status quo and connect the dots between patients, plans, providers, and payers. We are the best minds on health. Through meaningful collaboration with clients and partners, we overcome barriers to health insurance access and work tirelessly to improve healthcare experiences for consumers and providers alike—amidst healthcare reform efforts. Our expertise includes Medicaid; Medicare; military and Veterans’ health; the health insurance marketplace; data standards and analytics; modular system development and integration; and fraud, waste, and abuse detection and prevention.

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