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Do Big Things

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270 Strategies and Fission Strategy are teaming up to form a new company called Do Big Things, LLC. Because we need new ideas and new technology that meet the new challenges of a new era.

We are a team with diverse backgrounds that has come together to Do Big Things. We know how to reach the audiences you care about – because we are them. And we understand that every click, like, share, and comment represents a human being communicating their hopes, dreams, values, and fears.

Together, let's reject the tactics that make our inboxes and newsfeeds toxic. Let’s use the latest tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain for good, not evil. Let’s reach your audience where they already are using digital ads that touch people’s hearts and change people’s minds. And let’s never forget: a tweet really can change the world. Let's start innovating, inspiring, and building movements that truly move the world toward a brighter future for all.

Ready? Let’s do big things.

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