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Did you know that whilst there are around 2 million motorhomes in Europe, they are only used for an average 4 weeks per year? That means all these vehicles are standing still for 11 months. That’s a shame! A motorhome is made to experience the world and to take you on adventures.

Inspired by Airbnb, we started a platform that focuses on the motorhome and camper van community. This way, camper owners can earn back what they spent to purchase and maintain their vehicles. That being said, many of our users simply rent them out to make others happy and meet new people. We now have over 1700 vehicles on our platform, and we have already sent more than 15,000 people on holiday from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium.

We believe that everyone should experience the freedom of a motorhome holiday at least once in their life, and we are well on the way to achieving that! We are growing fast and will soon be the largest camper community in Europe, but more importantly we are community based. Our motto ‘Share the freedom’ says it all. We not only share motorhomes but also inspirational ideas and tips on the most beautiful destinations, or as we call them, boonies!

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