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Haptik is an artificial intelligence company powering conversational assistants for

brands to transform customer experiences. The platform has enabled over 100

virtual assistants, reaching close to 100 million devices and processing over 3

billion end customer interactions. Haptik is backed by Reliance Industries, a $100

Billion+ conglomerate, with close to 500 million customers.

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Average rating: 1.00
Good place to work but not secured.
Status: Employed
I learned a lot of patience from this work and to multi-task as well.The place is awesome to work at however it isn't secured, your job can be taken away anytime.
Posted on: August 21, 2022
You can work from home.
Status: Previously employed
It's work from home, so the environment is what we set for ourselves. My typewriting skills improved and I developed and honed my skill to communicate to the users efficiently even in chats. The management is not good. They keep firing people to compensate their losses. Not a great environment to start a career, but a great opportunity for college students and even for those who wish to work from home.
You get fired.
Posted on: August 21, 2022

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