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We are the world’s leading ad exchange for data and identity. With industry-leading technology, premium service, and huge scale, we bring greater reach for buyers and higher revenue for publishers — across every format, from mobile to CTV. That's the power of OpenX.

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Average rating: 3.50
Needs to decide what it wants to be
Status: Previously employed
* Good technology overall* Ad tech knowledge * Great office space * Frequent, disruptive reorganizations * Small percentage of employees are fairly compensated * Company flips between trying to keep startup culture and behaving like an old-fashioned institution
Posted on: July 29, 2022
Promising company trying to get over the hump
Status: Previously employed
Profitable adTech company. Pretty good culture during the time I was there - though there was a lot of management turnover so may be different now. Not a tiny company but not a large company. Trying to transition into being the independent (i.e. non-Google) leader in AdTech. Sometimes too many meetings seem to happen because nobody wants to make a decision or take responsibility. There is some fear of failure rather than a "fail fast, learn, adjust" attitude that is often the case at other companies. They are on the bubble and hopefully can make the leap to a more prominent spot in the AdTech market and/or become a viable acquisition target. They are close.
Good work-life balance, Helpful friendly co-workers, very little politics
New meaningful products and features seem to take much longer than one would expect
Posted on: July 29, 2022

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