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Panzura is the fabric that transforms cloud storage into a high-performance global file system.

Whether you have 5 locations or 500, Panzura delivers one authoritative data source for all users, one security policy to implement, a self-healing file system that requires no additional backup, one view over the entire file network and the same enterprise-grade file performance for every user, in every location.

For the first time: all the functionality and speed of single-site NAS, globally.

The network technology that Microsoft and Linux have spent decades perfecting has lasted because it works, on a single site. Now, with Panzura, it works regionally, nationally or globally.

Automatic file locking: Only one user can ever edit a file at the same time

Immediate global data consistency: Once saved, file edits are visible without delay

Local file operation performance: Files open and save as fast as if they were stored locally

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