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At Xplor, we help businesses succeed by giving them the software, payments, and commerce-enabling solutions they need to thrive. We’re passionate about getting to know our clients. We work hand in hand to understand their industry, customers and unique goals, so that we can help them overcome obstacles and leave a lasting legacy. Together, we supercharge success 🚀 #wearexplor

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Place full of unfit teachers
Status: Employed
Training is inadequate and gives you an unfulfilled feeling once training is done, they shove you in a room shortly after you finish a packet and a couple videos and expect magic to happen over night. Most rooms are unorganized from previous teachers from 4+ years ago & is a hassle to fix them up. The work is overwhelming for $11-$14 an hour for them to barely give enough training to overcome the feeling. Let’s say you tell them “I want to work with babies” they will put you in a pre-k room and completely ignore your request, and tell you “good luck” it’s blindsiding and speaking of which EXPECT TO CLOSE AND BE THERE AFTER YOUR OFF TIME BECAUSE YOUR CO WORKERS WILL CALL IN / NOT SHOW UP EACH WEEKIt’s unorganized in the rooms and in the structure of the facility. I’ve witnessed many teachers scream/yell/slam kids down/push & more when the class is too rowdy & they have no idea how to handle the situation at hand. If I would’ve listened to the reviews while applying, I would past the application up so fast... I have NEVER wrote a review on an establishment but this needs to be said! This place is literally the definition of “Work You Till Your Dead” cause as soon as your overworked/overwhelmed etc. your are replaced.
Nothing sadly
Posted on: August 22, 2022

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