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Posted on: September 20, 2022

We are a Remote-First North American based, small, yet fast-growing technology company focused on advanced video communications and applications. We are at the cutting edge of virtual events, creating a wow experience that brings our clients, their teams, their customers, and partners together. Our flagship product, Showtime, has redefined digital events creating an immersive experience to showcase our clients. Touchcast is a truly multinational and multicultural company with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our value system

  • Be Human: Our moral compass is our guiding light. Empathy & compassion drives us. We stand for what is right with a mission to do good, be generous & act in service for our clients, each other, and the world.
  • Be Curious: We are in a constant state of child-like wonder and vulnerability. We learn and explore new things to push our limits to turn the impossible to possible.
  • Be Bold: We move with great speed, force and enthusiasm to achieve greatness in our work and purpose. It is better to move fast and make mistakes than move slow and miss opportunities.
  • Make Magic: We are pioneers of our craft and push for boundless creativity. We go beyond what works to discover what luster & delights.
  • Many Faces, One Team: You will find Touchcasters from all over the globe. We work hand-in-hand through cultural, time, and sovereign barriers and yet we esteem and trust each other every day to achieve asynchronous harmony.

You will play a key role in working closely with the CEO and his Chief of Staff, helping to manage the daily operations and workflow of his office as well as assist in long term project management. The Assistant to the Office of the CEO will impact the CEO’s efficiency and productivity by helping to streamline communication and assist in project management.

How you drive success:

  • Top-notch, white-glove support to our scaling executive team, specifically our Chief of Staff and Chief Executive Officer
  • Provide executive-level support including calendar management, expense reporting, travel arrangements, industry research and special projects
  • Manage the flow of employee requests, obtain the necessary information to provide awareness to ensure executives' awareness of topics, and arrange meetings according to priority
  • Organize and prioritize daily flow of information, events, meetings and more
  • Communicate adeptly with other departments and employees, partners and clients
  • Manage basic administrative tasks such as building spreadsheets, editing documents, and maintaining online files
  • Track multiple projects connected to the Office of the CEO
  • Act as a gatekeeper and maintain confidentiality; however, this is very much a people position. Your ability to form strong working relationships with people on all levels is a very important part of your job
  • Manage basic administrative tasks such as building spreadsheets, editing documents, and maintaining online files
  • Draft various types and levels of communications
  • Improve current processes and coordinate organizational procedures
  • Be ready to throw the entire schedule out the door when an emergency comes up, then pick it up again when the dust settles;


You are:

  • 2-5 years of business experience in a fast-paced startup environment, preferably in tech
  • Ability to be creative, flexible, and think ”outside the box”
  • 'EQ'' skills to build bridges, forge alliances and encourage people to want to work with you;
  • A calm head and steady hand to deal with the unexpected;
  • A master googler (strong research abilities)
  • Highly detail-oriented with excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Proactive, independent, curious, with a positive and collaborative attitude
  • Project management tech stack (preferred): monday.com, G Suite, etc.

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Executive Assistant - Office of CEO


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