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Posted on: October 10, 2022

Company Overview

With ~3 million developers worldwide, Netlify is leading the transition to modern web development based on Jamstack, composable architecture and MACH.

By uniting the ecosystem of developer tools and technologies, Netlify makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale web applications.

We are a series D company have have raised over $200M from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, EQT, Bessemer, BOND and Menlo Ventures and have a $2B valuation.

Though our team is growing fast, we’ve managed to stay tight-knit while welcoming newcomers to the fold. We hail from around the globe with diverse backgrounds, we’re ~40% woman or non-binary, and are composed of 29 different nationalities.

We aim to create a company culture where the best idea can come from anywhere, as we believe that empowered and engaged team members do the best work. We strive to be thoughtful, caring, and collaborative in our work within and across teams. We’ll be giving you the tools you need to succeed and looking to you for suggestions for improvementnot just in your daily job, but in many other aspects of building a company.

About the team:

Netlify is built and maintained by a growing group of over 300 cross-functional contributors. Our Docs team collaborates with stakeholders to produce and maintain product documentation that supports our customers’ needs – wherever they are in their product journey. We’re looking for a development-savvy Senior Technical Writer to help write and review documentation and craft UI copy for our ecosystem and integrations. This role will be a good fit for a writer who enjoys documenting the very latest in modern web technologies and instinctively understands the developer’s point of view. The Docs team works together and with internal stakeholders to strive for clarity, consistency, and accuracy across the entire customer experience.

We welcome a new hire who will not just maintain the Docs team’s bandwidth for documenting new product features and improving existing content. We’re looking for a team member who can establish a foundational focus area over time. We’re eager to meet people who are interested in increasing the impact and reach of the team by following their passions and drawing on their particular experience. For example, we could imagine our new Technical Writer lending their expertise to our content strategy alignment efforts, contributing to frontend development of our docs site, or expanding our data analysis to help shape the docs roadmap / measure success.

At Netlify, we aim to create a company culture of empowerment where the best idea can come from anywhere. We believe that empowered and engaged team members do the best work. We don’t want you to work too hard (burnout is real), but we also want to encourage you to grow (impostor syndrome is also real) – and we’ll help you do that!

Who you are:

  • A curious, life-long learner
  • A kind-hearted collaborator who balances an informed viewpoint with humbleness
  • Enthusiastic about identifying problems or opportunities for improvement but equally eager to propose solutions
  • Someone who enjoys getting things done
  • Familiar with web technologies but willing to quickly research and describe something that may be in an unfamiliar domain
  • A mentor who gives and receives feedback thoughtfully

What you’ll bring:

  • Clear, consistent, and correct writing in English
  • Precise attention to detail
  • 5+ years of experience in technical writing
  • Ability to review the writing of others with empathy, attention to detail, and a focus on clear content organization
  • Desire to work within established processes and help make iterative improvements to them
  • Foundational understanding of web development technologies. For example, can follow a tutorial using a JavaScript build tool and give feedback about the clarity of the explanations as well as whether following the steps actually works
  • Experience with Git and docs-as-code workflows
  • Familiarity with frontend programming in at least one language
  • Familiarity with API documentation principles and tools preferred but not required
  • Experience using Netlify is a plus but not required

Within 1 month you’ll

  • Learn about the Jamstack and dive into the inner workings of our platform.
  • Have 1:1s with some of the people you’ll be working closely with and get to know your peers in Docs and across your cross-functional team.
  • Familiarize yourself with our documentation site as well as other external-facing resources for our customers. While you’re there, you’ll use your expertise as a beginner to provide feedback on the docs experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with our Docs Style Guide and associated linting tools.
  • Tackle your first issues by committing changes to our docs site and making UI copy recommendations.
  • Help perform documentation reviews with the team.

Within 3 months you’ll

  • Establish strong async communication rhythms with your cross-functional team, practicing transparency and visibility.
  • Gain a more robust understanding of platform features, especially in the assigned product area.
  • Join the Docs team rotation: working with Support to determine common customer pitfalls and updating content to help avoid them, reviewing customer feedback on the docs site and performing appropriate follow-up, and leading team triage meetings.
  • Publish documentation for your first project. You’ll work with the Product and Engineering organization throughout the development process to write and revise documentation for new features. In certain cases, a developer or Product Manager will write a first draft or brain dump, and a writer will refine the work. In most cases, the writer will create the initial draft and gather feedback from internal stakeholders.
  • Work with the UX design team to refine the use of customer-facing language in Netlify products.
  • Support the Docs team through thoughtful reviews

Within 6 months you’ll

  • Contribute to our writing style guide and assist with expansion of linting rules.
  • Work within and propose updates to our information architecture to ensure that docs content is discoverable.
  • Iterate on docs team processes and related internal docs to improve collaborative efforts.
  • Address complicated Docs backlog issues with support from SMEs.
  • As a steward of the Netlify knowledge base, impact new product planning by identifying edge cases and interactions with existing products and features.
  • Identify a focus area for foundational team progress, gather support for it, and start coordinating an effort to implement your vision.

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